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A guide for new riders

The Taxi2U app matches you with a nearby driver to take you wherever you want to go.

Requesting a ride

Get the free Taxi2U app from the App Store or Google Play on your Smartphone. Open the app to create your account.

Enter your destination and choose a ride option. You’ll always see the price up front.

You'll see your driver's picture and vehicle details, and can track their arrival on the map. App features

Safe, easy rides
We built these features to make it easy to get wherever you’re going.

Save places
Bookmark addresses, so you can get to the people and places you need to see faster. Hit the road faster with Saved Places Your office. Your best friend’s place. Your favorite coffee shop. These are places you go to time and time again. Save these addresses to your Taxi2U app and get on your way a lot faster. Once you’ve saved a place, the option will be available as a shortcut every time you ride.
Why it's helpful

Get there faster
With Saved Places, you’ll be one tap away from where you want to be. Plus, it’s easier than saving a contact to your phone.

Save it and forget it
Finally, there’s no need to remember the name or address of a place. Save it once and make it easier anytime you want to go there.

Fare estimate
Enter a destination to see the price before you ride. Sharing a Taxi2U with friends? Choose 'Split Fare' as you ride to share the cost with them too.

Know before you go
You know how much your airline ticket costs before you take off, so why should you ride be any different? Upfront pricing makes riding simpler, while giving you control over how much you spend. There’s no complicated math and no surprises—so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Get a real-time price
The same way you know the price when booking a flight or hotel, know how much your ride will cost before you hit the road.

Compare your options
Taxi2UX? Taxi2U POOL? Know which option best fits your needs—and your wallet.

Share your trip
Let friends and family follow along with your ride, so they know when to expect you.

ETA and trip status
When you request a ride and a driver accepts, you can swipe up on your app screen and tap Send Status. This shares your trip details with friends or family. They'll receive a notification. Opening this notification displays your driver's first name, vehicle info, and your map location in real-time. To pre-select up to 5 contacts to receive your status, select Settings from your app menu. You can also add more contacts manually when

sending your trip status.
Send your trip status link manually (via another app, by email, etc) by copying the link that appears at the bottom of your app when you tap Send Status.

Learn about your driver
Check out your driver’s profile to see what compliments they’ve received from riders, how many trips they’ve taken with Taxi2U, and more.

Add stops
Pick up or drop off friends along the way with the 'Multiple Destinations' feature. Add up to two extra stops to your ride.

More features
The ride you want Requests made easy Get a fast, convenient ride wherever you want to go. Saved places

Seamless payments
Know the cost before you ride and pay the way you want. Taxi2U POOL commuter benefits Family profiles Split fare Upfront pricing

Quick pickups
Find your driver faster, so you can get where you need to go. Adjust your location Driver Profiles

Plan your trip
Get a ride that fits your schedule, not the other way around. Multiple destinations Schedule a ride Calendar sync

Enjoy the ride
Make the most of your time in the backseat. Share your status Visa Local Offers American Express

Rate your ride
Ratings help keep Taxi2U safe, reliable, and enjoyable for everyone. You can even add a tip for your driver. Driver ratings Driver compliments In-app tipping Lost and found

Always the ride you want
Request a ride, hop in, and relax.
Why ride with Taxi2U

Rides on demand
Get a reliable ride in minutes, at any time and on any day of the year.

Budget-friendly options
Compare prices on every kind of ride, from daily commutes to special evenings out.

An easy way to get around
Tap and let your driver take you where you want to go.

Your safety matters
Peace of mind is designed into your experience.

Safety features
Tell your loved ones where you are. Get help with the tap of a button. Technology makes travel safer than ever before.

Community Guidelines Badge
An inclusive community We are millions of riders and drivers who share Community Guidelines and depend on one another to do the right thing.

27-7 Support Badge
Help if you need it Get 24/7 support in the app for any questions or safety concerns you might have.
Ways to ride

Go Intercity-4
Affordable outstation rides in compact cars

Premier Intercity
Outstation rides in comfortable sedans

Everywhere that you travel
600+ cities The app is available in select cities worldwide, so you can count on a ride even when you’re far from home. 500+ airports You can get a ride to and from most major airports. Schedule a ride to the airport for one less thing to worry about.
Top questions from riders

How do I create an account?
Download the Taxi2U app from the App Store or Google Play, then create an account with your email address and mobile phone number. A payment method is also needed before you can request a ride.

Is wonder available in city?
You can find Taxi2U in hundreds of cities around the world.

How do I request a ride?
When you’re ready to go, open the app and enter your destination. Then choose the ride option that best suits your needs. Confirm your pickup by tapping Request. Certain requirements and features vary by country, region, and city. Support is just a few taps away. You can also get your questions answered by using our help section. Over the past decade, Taxi2U has connected a global community of people who use our technology for transportation, food delivery, business and work. We’ve learned a lot along the way and seen firsthand how important it is to be prepared in times of crisis, whether it’s extreme weather like a hurricane or a flood, or a major act of violence. We’re committed to your safety. That’s why we are centralizing and detailing our global emergency approach and protocol. In the event of a major emergency, we want our response to be consistent and reliable, so you can stay focused on what’s important: the safety of you and your loved ones. Here’s an overview of how we work to support everyone in the Taxi2U community during a major emergency:

Cap trip pricing
When the GSC determines a major emergency event may have occurred, it assesses the situation and will immediately cap trip pricing in the area. We will review situations where unintended charges might have occurred during an emergency and work to refund them. Customers can always report issues through the app. We also follow local laws and regulations related to States of Emergency where they apply.